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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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president. >> we, the people -- >> in his inaugural address, president obama echoed themes by king and linco lincoln. >> he urged action on the deficit and global warming and keeping kids safe. >> we reject the belief that america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing the generation that will build the future. >> we can, he said, find a way. >> my fellow americans, we are made for this moment and we will see that so long as we seize it together. >> many who came were moved. >> hopefully it will be a kicking off of a great second term and a new direction for the country. >> it's great, seeing all the fellowship. >> so much to see and hear. beyonce's national anthem ♪ gave proof through the night
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>> the inaugural parade was a pageant. colorful floats and talented bands. and leading the way were the obama's who walked part of the way to the white house. for a second term. >> a senior republican said here, by his remarks, president obama, at least in republican hoped, had opened the door to more cooperation. live from washington. now back to you. >> steve, you covered many inaugurations before, what stood out to you about this one? >> the obama family is so cute, i have to tell you that. take the politics and the take bands, put it all aside, now i'm a father of two daughters and i'm a bit prejudice bus they are adorable and so are the adults when they are interacting, it's heartwarming. >> it's great to see them all together today. the girls are growing up in
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front of our eyes. >> thank you so much. steve. >> several political pundits said that the president spoke with a new swagger. like someone who does not need to seek re-election. that part is true. >> he is feeling good, he feels like he has the republicans agenda. he did speak with a little bit more of an attitude, if you will, today. not too much but a little bit more. he is trying to tell people, look, we will get out there and pound the pavement on what we think is important and we are counting on you, you the public, the voters to get your members of congress in line with us. it was in that sense a bit of a campaign speech, along with the all inclusive, remembering what inauguration is like. >> larry on his way to the inauguration pulse tonight. dozens of reporters in d.c. this evening for the activities.
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like this group of high school students. for more pictures and coverage, go to our website. nbc bay the first family took pictures of their own. president obama is dialed in when it comes on technology and so was the bay area during today's inauguration. let's bring in our business and tech reporter, scott budman who has that part of the story. >> i am feeling under dressed. we found technology on display here in d.c. and at home. let's check out this video at nbc camera crew catching the family on the smartphone taking pictures. who says only those in the audience want to tweet about what is going on today. back here at home, we caught up with a bay area blogger that brought his family to the san brew oh, park to play, but not before talking to them and blogging to his audience on social media about why this inauguration is unlike most others in america's past. >> still, looking at the crowds, i was kind of shocked at how
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joye joyeous and diverse everyone was. and that was a good feeling. >> he said when it comes to letting young people know how significant today is. social media is the perfect tool. coming up tonight, how twitter was overwhelmed by today's inauguration, and why social media can keep young people from learning about important moments. >> the president was using his blackberry and sash a&m alia were creating their own kids' cam and photo bombing each other. here is malia photo bombing, it was quite the american text picture. >> now to a story that you will see only on nbc bay area, they drove the cars right off the lot. a local car dealership loses the inventory, thousands of dollars worth of cars.
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we are joined in heyward this evening. kimberly, this is something new, how did it happen sf. >> well, raj, the owners say overnight that the lock was cut, and the video shows at least four people grabbing keys and taking those 12 cars that included bmws, mercedes and jaguars, the alameda sheriff's county department was able to recovery one of the cars. the lot is empty now with 25% of the inventory gone. the owner said that they are dealing with the insurance company and hoping to get back on their feet quickly since it's a busy time for car sales and a busier time around the corner. >> this is what we get ready for. people get their tax returns and get their money. so that is a big hit as well. the alameda county sheriff's
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department is investigating and reviewing the surveillance video, hoping to find those responsible. live in heyward, nbc bay area news. >> to the 49ers, their big game, less than two weeks away, and one of the stories is the rivalry, sibling rivalry. it's the first time in super bowl history, you have heard it by now, that two brothers will coach against each other. >> it could be the sibling rivalry to be played out on the largest stage in the world. the brothers, harbaugh, going head to head in the super bowl. how healthy is the rivalry? we talked to a mother of twin boys, she said that from day one the boys were in competition, everything from grades, to high school wrestling and simply climbing a hill. but they were always also supportive of each other. they really don't look to other
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people as competition. they look at each other, they say, okay, can i beat you and then once i beat you, i can go out and do whatever to get the next group of guys. bring them in. you know. >> competition is healthy and we value that in a democratic society. but we have to put limits on it. we have to regulate it. dr. steinberg said it's important for parents to treat the competing children as individuals and to not foster a sense of entitlement. >> get ready for a lot of super bowl hype. two weeks away, if you are here the last time this happened, it was 18 years ago, and you know how wild the next couple of weeks it will be. 49ers and ravens will be a good game. if you listen to the odds makers, the 49ers are the favorites to win. scott, deep breath, are we ready for all this? >> yeah, 49ers hype, i'm not saying that the bay area is the
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center of the sports universe. rose bowl for stanford and now the 49ers have the chance to take home the lombardi trophy. the 49ers earned the right to play for the sixth super bowl title after beating the falcons in the nfc championship game, with the win still fresh on their mind, jim harbaugh shared a philosophy that his team had throughout the playoffs. >> we are set out to win three super bowls. this season, and two on of those we have won. and you know, our third super bowl is coming up in less than two weeks, and you know, so, the feeling -- how you felt is, you know, let's go to work. let's make damn sure we go to work and get back to work and get ready for this game. but, yeah, forever proud, forever proud of the fighters that are on our team. >> to be clear, they do not get three lombardi trophies if they
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win the game. but they will be content with the one. a lot coming up, we will have coach harbaugh on dreams of coaching in the big game and will are you hear what he had to say about that, it may surprise you. >> we will see you at 6:00, obviously retailers are happy with the victory yesterday, the team store in palo alto saw a stea steady stream of customers. fans were ready to spend. one man forked over $470 to buy champion gear for the family. and that was just for today. >> keep buying more stuff, keep buying more stuff, keep decorating the bhoel house. >> how much money do you think you will spend on merchandise? >> a couple thousand. >> wow, and after the super bowl, assuming they win? >> another few thousand and then we will put it away. >> that is sweet, the stores say that their two most popular
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items are the nfc champion shirts that the team wore in the locker room and the number seven jersey that belongs to colin kaepernick. >> the super bowl coverage is jumbo to say the least, from here to new orleans we are sending two dozen reporters to new orleans far more than any other local station. stay with us for the 49ers coverage. >> still to come, the long-term impact of teasing young girls about their weight. >> also, caught on tape, a rescue off the rock. that story after the break. >> and good afternoon i'm jeff, in the weather center, a lot of sunshine for today, more 70s, 75 in the scotts valley, and gilroy at 73 and san jose at 66. we will have moderate air quality for tomorrow, we will talk more about major changes, including rain. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke...
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and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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>> check this out, the surfer got stuck on a rock just off of ocean beach in santa rosa, near the cliff house restaurant. he climbed up the rock away from the pounding surf to wait for help. two u.s. coast guard swimmers actually paddled out to the rock, the surfer then climbed down, after a long hesitation, he waited and waited and then jumped back in the water and the three paddled through rough surf to calmer waters where a boat picked them up and carried them to safety. >> caltrans crews will start to repair sections of the bay bridge that was damaged. beginning tomorrow, workers will replace the fenders on the western tower. they were destroyed when a ship sideswiped the bridge. the pier itself was not damaged. the repairs are expected to last about 4-1/2 months.
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the ntsb and coast guard say it could take several months to determine the exact cause of the crash. >> in health matters tonight, regular aspirin users may have an increased risk for blindness. researchers in australia study aspirin users and said that those that use it once or more a week has more risk for macular degeneration. >> the number of children that have been diagnosed with adhd has increased. they have looked at a group of children in southern california. researches found a 25% increase in adhd cases from 2001 to 2010. black children saw the biggest increase at 70%. african american girls went up by 90%. and teasing young girls about their weight has an effect that could last to adulthood.
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in a new study, more than 1500 women took surveys on their eating behavior and whether they were teased as children and researches found that nearly half of them have been ridiculed because of their weight. they were more likely to binge eat, purge, misuse medicine. >> many feel stressed about paying the holiday bills. credit repairs take time. and you may start seeing ads that will say, they can turn your credit scores around in a snap. be warned about believing those declarations. >> if they can make a promise to you before they look at your situation, they are not being honest. >> the best place to check your credit score is do it yourself, you can do it for free on annual credit and if you need help, check with the credit card counselor and at any credit
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card company asking for money up front should not be trusted. another beautiful day. all weekend, trying to get over a cold i have been inside, but i went out for a minute to enjoy the sunshine. >> we have had a nice stint of great weather, but who was the warmest over the past four days? santa cruz topping out at 76, more than ten degrees above the average. not only that, but close to the all time warmest day ever in january, which was 83 set back in 1920. definitely unusual to get this kind of weather this time of the year. right now, temperatures are starting to drop off to the east bay, 55 in liver more and 55 in concord, and down to the south bay, 66 in gilroy and 63 currently in santa cruz, let's go outside to the live hd sky camera network, you see the haze
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here in the south bay. but mainly clear conditions when it comes to storm activity right now. now let's push up off to the north and what you find is an incredible sunset tonight. we do have that moderate air quality, that pollution, again, creating sunsets. and it's still, traffic able to move smoothly at this point. however, we do have larger changes coming our way. let's get to it. right now, at 500 to 700 miles off shore, you see the cloud cover that we have seen out here in the past 7 to 8 days. we have a cold front and associated low pressure that will bring us a slight chance of showers in the forecast. namely just cold air though as we go through the next two to three days, it will not be a large storm system, but it will change things as early as thursday. you can see cloud cover increasing at 7:00 p.m., and tuesday night, clouds pushing back toward the east and south bay and then we will introduce
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the chance of showers as we go through 7:00 a.m. on wednesday. you may need to keep the umbrella handy for the best chance of showers as we go through wednesday's forecast. 31 in santa rosa and 32 in napa and 39 in san jose and 37 in los gatos, 42 in san francisco and a few areas of patchyy fog in the north bay. should keep us at 70 in san tra cruz, and 66 in san jose, the east bay, it's going to be cooler here, upper 50s and also low 60s. 61 in pleasanton and then low 60s by by the bay. san ra fell 61 and 65 in santa rosa. we will stay sunny and mainly clear here throughout tuesday and cloud cover increases wednesday for a chance of showers. we will head throughout the thursday forecast and by saturday, another chance of
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showers not auto large at this point, but it is going to be changing things up for us in that next seven day forecast. >> so, for wednesday, it's a 60% chance of showers for the greater bay area, so, keep the umbrella in the back seat, not going to be a huge deal. >> okay. keep it handy. >> thank you. may come as a surprise, but today is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. we will explain why. >> and the festivities under way in washington, d.c., there are two inaugural balls, one of the two, the military ball and then the inaugural ball. a lot of performers, the president will be arriving there shortly. we are back in a moment.
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>> feeling a little down today, you are not alone, many people called today blue monday. it's considered to be the most depressing day of the year. and many will be turning to shopping to cope with their mood. more than 1/3 of americans say that winter is the season they shop to make themselves feel better. 9 out of 100 say they feel guilty of their choice of retail therapy. >> the 49ers have curved the depression. a man spotted a shark in shallow waters off of a beach. a news crew in australia was rolling the cameras as 62-year-old and another man rushed into the water and grabbed the shark by the tail, you see it here, they manage to wrestle it away, before it could reach a couple of kids who were playing in the water nearby.
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ultimately they pushed the shark toward the open water and the reporters right on the story. thankfully no one was hurt during the event. >> he was like, i will just walk in, get the shark out of the water and let the kids go back to playing. >> we are back in a moment.
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>> so jeff and i were talking about the 49ers big victory yesterday, and our friend over here, once again, this was remarkable, janelle accurately picked that the 49ers win and the margin. 49 points against the packers and four against the packers. >> i was like no, wait, they won by 4?
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no way. >> everyone is asking for the prediction. and i cannot predict it. the number comes in an instant and i tell it. i'm not ready yet. you are on again at 5:00 on saturday. >> jim harbaugh will be watching as well. >> can't wait for that. >> are you predicting weather numbers here? >> you are the professional. you are the expert. >> see how she backs us up. chance of hours on tuesday and i still, yeah, i'm stunned about by that prediction here. >> we praise you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for watching us tonight, we leave you with a live look at the commander and chief's ball in washington, d.c., president obama expected to take the stage.
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tonight, the inauguration here in washington. the dawn of a new term for the
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44th president of the united states. >> i barack hussein obama, do solemnly swear. >> declaring his journey incomplete, the president lays out a bold second term agenda and calls a nation to action to work together. >> you and i as citizens have the obligation to shape the debates of our time. not only with the votes we cast but with the voices we lift in defense of our most ancient values and enduring ideas. also tonight, everything our cameras witnessed along the way. the pageantry, the spectacular scene here in washington. and a family caught in the act of being themselves. our special coverage, "nightly news" begins now. the second inauguration of barack obama. this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. reporting tonight from washington. >> and good evening from capitol hill, where president barack


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